by Raphael Bramont

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"Carmilla" is a concept album, loosely based on well-known Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's book.
It was published for charity purpose only.
All money collected will be offered to the family of Angelo, an Italian guy who suffers from Infantile cerebral palsy.
He needs constant therapies and lots of medicines everyday, so your little help will be welcome for him.
Enjoy music, enjoy solidarity, enjoy life :)


released December 25, 2016

All songs were written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Raphael Bramont



all rights reserved


Raphael Bramont Naples, Italy

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Track Name: Home
Track Name: Dream
(She) came into my dream with no evident sound
I felt so safe with her arms around
Fell asleep with no fears travelling through my mind
Two needles went into my helpless neck
Was it a dream? Was she lying in my bed?
And it hurts, yes it really hurts
I can’t even bust it up
And it hurts, yes it hurts
like it’s never hurt before
Track Name: Carmilla
I saw her carriage tipping over
The horses were aching and frightened
Her mother seemed to be so distant
The mission could not be pushed back
“Here I go, cannot tell you where.
Will you care for her till I got my way back?”
“Father, just lift her body up.
Her eyes are closed but she’s still breathing in and out
I will try to use my voice:
Now you can stand up, girl
And trust in us”
Track Name: The way she looks at me
Track Name: Illness
Darling, you’re ill, can’t walk outside
Darling, you’re ill, can’t walk outside
Don’t know what you’re suffering from
But I swear you’ll feel healthy again
One day you will open that door
Darling, you’re ill, just stay in bed
Darling, you’re ill, just stay in bed
I will look after you
Until your breathe comes regular
One day you will open that door
Hope you’ll feel better soon
Track Name: An old soldier in Karnstein
Here’s a story you will hardly believe
Didn’t know the girl who was entrusted to me
Belonged to nowhere
Somehow she took control of my darling
She just lost her smile
She just passed the line
I realized that I couldn’t do anything
Days were empty and the nights prevailed on me
“Surely I will say and try to preserve your dreams
I can’t believe that I’m losing you, my darling”
Held her hand in mine
Till the end of time
I can’t pronounce any kind of word but revenge
Track Name: One last war
One last war
We’re involved into the fight again
One last war
And the sun will turn into dark
Let’s collect all our weapons up
No fear to lose
No way to lose
Walk on
One last war
We are going to face death again
One last war
And your mirror will stop to reflect
Side by side let’s walk together
Don’t pull back
Don’t ever move back
Come on
Track Name: Death of an ancient soul
Track Name: Released
A distant thunder
Harmonizes her passing way
I don’t really trust what I see
As you look at me in a different way
I just feel released
Tell me I am safe
Tell me she’s just gone away
I’m just standing up
Listening to some new theories
I can’ really trust your answers
Only could believe
Who I look like now
Just describe me
Will she ever come back to me?
Relieve me as I come free